Helping tired families with customized sleep solutions for children ages 0-3.

At Renewed Peace Sleep Consulting we understand that finding the appropriate sleep solution for your child and family can be challenging, especially when you need a solution NOW and don’t have the time or energy to read through every book or the latest sleep study. Our Sleep consultant is passionate about helping little ones sleep and learning as much as they can about how to tackle this challenging, but oh so rewarding issue! We will create a step by step plan that is tailored to YOUR family. From firmer methods, to gentle, to somewhere in between, we know them all and can empower you to guide your child into better sleep habits, which equals better sleep! And we guarantee, Cry It Out is something we will never suggest. Schedule a free discovery call on our website so we can talk about what sleep challenges your family is facing and what your sleep goals are so we can get started on the perfect plan for you!



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